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Cure Dextra Closed System Catheter


  • Pre-lubricated catheter
  • Straight tip
  • Unisex
  • Support band to enable controlled use without the need to grip with two hands
  • Gripper arrow to make it easy to advance the catheter without retraction
  • Pre-lubricated introducer tip
  • Free from DEHP, DINP, BPA, or natural rubber latex
  • Integrated 1000 ml collection bag

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    The new sterile, single-use Cure Dextra Closed System Catheter is an innovative new unisex catheter product that may help make cathing easier for anyone! The Cure Dextra Closed System Catheter has unique new features ideal for users with limited hand dexterity. For example, the Support Band helps the user control the catheter without gripping it with two hands. Also, its Tip Advancing Technology moves the pre-lubricated catheter out of its self-contained collection bag without the need to touch the tube directly with your hands. This design is another valuable benefit for those with limited hand dexterity. Plus, it may help reduce the risk of urinary tract infections.
    A unique Gripper Arrow advances the catheter without the risk of retracting back into the bag. If you have limited dexterity, use a finger, palm, hand, or another body part to slide the Gripper Arrow in full strokes. The catheter will advance with each forward stroke. The Cure Dextra Closed System has smooth polished eyelets, and it’s ready to use with no need for lubrication. The product is not made with DEHP, BPA, or natural rubber latex. For more information or to request free samples, contact our Catheter Specialists at ProMed Online today!

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